District Perishable Supervisor

David Johnson

The company is proud to recognize David as one of our valued employees who have celebrated ten (10) plus years of service with the company.  David joined the company on September 11, 2005, as a Meat Cutter and Market Manager in what was then the company’s only store.  As the company continued to grow, David’s role transitioned to supervising the Meat and Produce operations for all of the company’s stores.  In his current role as District Perishable Supervisor, David utilizes his over thirty (30) years of experience to oversee the store personnel for Meat and Produce departments, develop local and company-wide sales/ad promotions, and negotiating with our store management to demand our suppliers provide us with the freshest and best quality products available.  By buying for multiple store locations, the company is able to pass along those lower costs to our customers.  David encourages you to stop by and speak toour very experienced Meat and Produce Department Managers and see for yourself why our company enjoys an excellent reputation for great meat and produce products.  David graduated from Northview High School and lived in Ozark, Enterprise, and Troy before returning to Dothanwhere he continues to live with his wife. With David’s role as a district manager travelling to and from the company’s locations in AL, GA, and FL, he has little free time.  However, if you happen to catch him off work you will most likely find David talking about his favorite college football team (“Roll Tide”) or out with his wife listening to local live music or with friends on the golf course.