Executive Assistant

Meagan Coleman

Meagan Coleman started with the company in July of 2008. The company is proud to recognize Meagan as one of our valued employees who have celebrated ten (10)plus years of service with the company. Her early work experience included being a “floater” at the Northside Walmart where she served in several departments and areas before resigning in 2005 to become a full-time mom to her twin boys.  By 2008, she was ready for a work opportunity outside the home and approached the Treadwell family about a part-time job at their Piggly Wiggly location on Selma Street. She was hired to work as a Cashier a couple of days a week but quickly moved into a full time position as Front End Manager of that location.  She worked as Front End Manager for five (5) years before once again being promoted to Office Manager and was transferred to the company’s original Piggly Wiggly store located on Montgomery Highway. For several years she served as Office Manager of that location, supervising the Front End Manager and front end operations. In later years she began to also assist the company’s HR staff with Open Enrollments for BCBS insurance and the company’s 401(K) Plan.  It was a result of her wealth of experience in both store operations and the company’s benefit packages, that she was recently promoted in January of 2019 to her current role as Executive Assistant and transferred to the corporate office.  She works primarily with the HR Department and Accounts Payable department, but also works closely with the Treadwell family who continue to own and operate the company’s chain of stores located in AL, GA, and FL.  In her spare time, she he enjoys spending time with her boys and trips to the beach.