Vice President - HR/Legal

Rebecca Brown

Rebecca Boswell Brown, Vice President of HR/Legal, started with Wall Street Markets, LLC in 2012.  She is primarily focused on benefits administration and employment law matters, but has also assisted the company to add three additional store locations since she came on board. Prior to joining the company, Rebecca briefly worked as an Assistant District Attorney for the 20th Judicial Circuit (2010 to 2012). Prior to that,she was Vice President – Corporate Law and Senior Counsel for Movie Gallery US,LLC and Hollywood Entertainment (1998-2010), primarily focused on acquisitions, commercial leasing, and national vendor contracts. Rebecca graduated from Cumberland School of Law after receiving her B.A. degree at Florida State University. She is a member of the First United Methodist Church and currently serves on the Finance and Steward Committees. With two young children she has limited free time, but enjoys spending it with family and friends.  Rebecca is particularly pleased to be able to use her experience to assist the company and her family,Ricky and Pam Treadwell. The Treadwells are the owners of the company which operates a chain of grocery stores and feed stores in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.